The UWEI is working with state and community leaders, partners, affiliated organizations, volunteers and others to move forward work on the following initiatives:

All Audiences

  1. Utilize social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to increase awareness and actions to move the Initiative forward.
  2. Maintain an active UWEI website with updated information and resources for key    audiences.
  3. Maintain an active calendar of community events that promote the importance and benefits of higher education.
  4. Raise additional funds for future efforts (e.g., social media campaign, grants to the community to assist in related programs, scholarships).
  5. Maintain and publicize research on topics related to education for women (e.g., childcare, STEM, changing demographics, economic issues).

Women and Their Influencers

  1. Provide mentoring resources and develop programs to support mentoring efforts across the state.
  2. Provide speakers on the importance of education for women for a variety of audiences including elementary, middle and high school students, parents, educators, administrators, and members of community organizations.
  3. Develop presentations and materials to promote the importance of college completion for a variety of audiences including, elementary, middle and high schools students, parents, educators, administrators, and members of community organizations.
  4. Design and distribute “activity guides” for parents, teachers, and community organizations to use in underscoring the importance of postsecondary education.
  5. Maintain one page summaries of each of the six key benefits of continuing education to be used by key audiences across the state.
  6. Assist women in understanding the resources (financial, educational, social, and emotional) that are available to assist them in acquiring university degrees.
  7. Provide workshops, speakers, and conferences for women regarding timely topics of interest and assistance for female students.
  8. Maintain and publicize resources geared toward specific needs of influencers including K-12, colleges and universities, families, churches, and nonprofit organizations.


  1. Mobilize the Women and Education College Access Network (WECAN) to increase student retention and college completion.
  2. Identify and promote best practices in removing barriers for women at college campuses throughout the state of Utah.
  3. Engage and coordinate the work of interns from colleges throughout the state to support and further the work of the initiative.
  4. Actively participate in networks and associations which promote education, such as the Utah Women and STEM Education Network, College Access Network of Utah, and the Utah Women in Higher Education Network.
  5. Develop curriculum to be used at all levels of the education system promoting a “college going culture” from kindergarten through college completion.


  1. Coordinate the research and publication of key findings and academic briefs on relevant topics, data, and information.
  2. Provide data and information to support key legislative actions for increased funding to remove barriers to higher education for women.
  3. Engage in activities to support issues in higher education such as enrollment growth funding, flexible attendance and credit maintenance, and expanded financial aid options.

Community Organizations

  1. Work with members of the local media to provide information, stories, and items of interest on an ongoing basis.
  2. Maintain a “library” of current publications and research to be used in supporting the need for continuing education and degree completion for women.
  3. Gather information and feedback from organizations representing culturally diverse populations in order to address needs and issues that exist.
  4. Prioritize and coordinate the work of individual volunteers and volunteer teams from across the state of Utah to maximize productivity for the initiative.