The Utah Women’s College Task Force recommended that Utah Develop and Fund a Long-Term Social Change Media Campaign (see Task Force Recommendation Report). The report states the following:

To create the sustainable change needed in Utah, a long-term social marketing campaign must be implemented. A marketing plan and target populations and strategies have already been developed and identified through the combined efforts of the Task Forces’ Awareness Committee and LOVE Communications. To enact the current marketing plan as outlined, financial support is required; it is our recommendation that the Governor’s office, in partnership with private donors, provide the initial seed capital essential to execute this plan. Through creating this social change campaign, the Governor will increase awareness of the benefits of degree completion for women, their families, and their communities in Utah. It will increase awareness of the resources available to support women in any phase (e.g., thinking about college, going to college directly from high school, staying in college, or even returning after dropping out). It will also reach and inform influencers to create a supportive environment for girls and women.

The Utah Women and Education Initiative staff and teams/committees have been charged with moving the recommendations forward. The Communications & Marketing Team and UWEI have started this work, but additional funding must be found for the long-term social marketing campaign to be implemented. Contact Mary Ann Holladay if you can assist with this effort.