The Influence of Finances on a Young Woman’s College Decision

 Knowing how to pay for college is fundamental in deciding to attend.

In research conducted by the Utah Women and Education Project, there were three important financial issues that made it more likely that a young woman would commit to attending college and actively prepare for it.


  1. The most important activity that our female participants did was to save their own money for college, often by working part-time.  This one action was one of the highest predictors of educational success.
  2. The second was discussing financial aid with someone.  Although most of these discussions took place with parents and counselors, it did not matter who they talked with.  The most important element was that they had those important conversations.
  3. The third was having parents who were willing to help.  This support was often in the form of money but also included material items (e.g. books), living expenses (e.g. staying at home), and emotional support.

During the month of February, we’ll address aspects of preparing financially for college.  For other findings from the study and suggestions of how you can take an active role, click here.