Take a Spin – Feel the Wind in Your Hair!

We would like to invite you to explore our new website. We are proud to showcase the many resources that are available to women in Utah and those who care about their future success. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to “test drive” the many cool features we have to offer. For example, try out the Program and Support Search. Are you looking for a college-sponsored mentoring program? Go to the Resources tab, click Program and Support Search, customize your search, and you’re on your way! Maybe you need a quick refresher on a program like the Utah Educational Savings Plan. Click on the link and travel to their website to access the information you need. Maybe you are in the mood to be inspired. Our podcast stories are there for listening, sharing with friends, teaching others, or those moments of personal reflection that can help shape our lives. We will be continually updating our podcasts and welcome your suggestions for future stories that will motivate others. Our video library is also available as a resource to highlight the benefits of completing a college education. Would you like a quick sample of best practices from college campuses across the state? Our Best Practice Highlights pages will feature ongoing areas of interest such as child care, women’s resources centers, financial education and more. Stay tuned, as we will continually provide updated information on the very latest in trends and traditions. The Utah Women and Education Initiative website is the hub of our work in providing resources to help women complete their education. We’re working hard to capitalize on the many great programs and resources that are already out there and to coordinate resources in filling additional needs. We welcome your ongoing feedback and support as we work together to make a difference in our state!


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