Health tip: Go to college

 What, you might ask, do college and health have to do with each other?

On average, better-educated women live longer and are more likely to enjoy healthier lives than their less educated peers.

Researchers have found that “with the exception of black males, all recent gains in life expectancy at age 25 occurred among better-educated groups.” This is due primarily to an overall healthier lifestyle. College-educated individuals tend to smoke less, exercise more, and maintain a healthier diet. Other studies report that educated individuals have lower alcohol abuse-dependency, lower cholesterol levels, and higher dietary fiber intake. One study found that “each additional year of schooling past high school seems to prolong life by 0.4 percent, or nearly 2 percentage points upon graduation from college.” (See Health and Wellbeing)

Whatever the connection, more education and healthier living seem to go together. And you thought college was only about getting a good job. Think again.