College educated women are more likely to have a higher quality of life

 Not only are college educated women likely to live longer, they’re likely to live better.

In the book, How College Affects Students, the authors summarized hundreds of studies and concluded: “The evidence is also quite clear in suggesting that education attainment has positive net impacts on dimensions of life that, in turn, increase one’s sense of life satisfaction or overall happiness.”

The enhanced quality of life linked with college-educated women contributes to their ability to be more resilient when faced with stressful situations. Educational attainment has also been linked with more extensive social-support networks. These associations are typically positive and can provide comfort and assistance when needed, which can help reduce the effects of stressful circumstances and contribute to good mental health.

In addition to being more informed about medical and mental health issues, educated women typically have the resources to pay for their family’s wellbeing. These resources include employer-provided health insurance and discretionary savings.

Overall, college-educated women are more likely to live longer and happier lives than those who did not attend a higher education institution.  (Source: Health and Wellbeing)