Not only are college educated women likely to live longer, they’re likely to live better. In the book, How College Affects Students, the authors summarized hundreds of studies and concluded: “The evidence is also quite clear in suggesting that education attainment has positive net impacts on dimensions of life that, in turn, increase one’s sense […]

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16, and we recognize and honor fathers for the role they play in shaping their children’s future. Specifically a father can play a tremendous role in helping his daughter love learning and want to attend college. In the research conducted by the Utah Women and Education Project, a young […]

What, you might ask, do college and health have to do with each other? On average, better-educated women live longer and are more likely to enjoy healthier lives than their less educated peers. Researchers have found that “with the exception of black males, all recent gains in life expectancy at age 25 occurred among better-educated […]

By Girl Scouts of Utah The benefits of college go far beyond a good job. College graduates have increased quality of life, including better self-esteem, advanced skills, resilience, and an overall healthier lifestyle. Overall, college-educated women are more likely to live longer and happier lives than those who did not attend a higher education institution. In […]