Utah Women and Education Initiative

Established to help increase the number of Utah women completing postsecondary education.


With a college education, Utah women are more likely to:

  1. realize their own potential for positive influence and contributions to
    the public and private good

  2. positively influence and contribute in family, societal, and work contexts

  3.  more effectively contribute to local, social, and economic development
    of the state

The Utah Women & Education Initiative highlights the many remarkable women who are getting and/or using their education in various wonderful ways across our great state!

We are proud to showcase these women, as they are role models and inspirations for everyone around them!


GET TO KNOW Utah’s Educated Woman of the Week!

And NOMINATE the great women in your life!

What’s New?

Video: Utah Women and Education Forum
Find out more about what’s going on with Utah women and higher education as well as the influences found to shape and impact the education of Utah women in this presentation by UWEI Founder/Director Dr. Susan Madsen!