Utah Women and Education Initiative

The Utah Women and Education Initiative (UWEI) is the outcome of a need to increase the number of Utah women holding postsecondary degrees and certificates, enabling them to:

  • more effectively contribute to the local, social, and economic development of the state;
  • realize their own potential for positive influence and contributions to the public and private good; and
  • positively influence and contribute in family, societal, and work contexts.

The Initiative will orchestrate a collective effort for Utah to become one of the most innovative and successful states in the union by harnessing the power of education for its residents. Educators, business people, and community members are working together to achieve the goal of having 66% of Utahns aged 20-64 attain postsecondary degrees or certificates.

What’s New?

Take a look at our Benefits of Completing College At- A- Glance Information Sheets for use in a variety of settings, including classrooms, churches, families, nonprofits, and community groups. Click on any of the audiences on the Resource by Audience webpage to view and download these materials.

Spy Hop Productions and the Utah Women and Girls Lead Initiative created the following documentary short, “Realms of Possibility.” Click on our Clips & Videos page to watch this featured video.